Real Time

Public Services | Digitalized

Smart-City Solutions

Digitalization of Public Services will allow greater control and increased ROI over operational costs

Data Centralization will provide Upper Management with greater visibility over day to day operations

Real-Time status report (built-in) will keep everybody up-to-date, effortlessly

Your City's Public Services

Increased Citizens

Giooby engages citizens, making them feel heard, proactive, rewarded for their contribution, and ultimately responsible for the success of the care and maintenance of their city.

Increased Optimization
& Response Time

City management can now optimize the routing of their workforce, in real-time, redirect city workers where they are needed, while providing them with the necessary support to complete tasks.

Increased ROI on
Worker's Effectiveness 

Giooby provides city management with geo-tracking to quickly identify which workers are performing and where there is room for improvement. This data will lead to an increase in effectiveness.

Giooby Platform
Three (3) Inter-Connected Modules

Citizen |

Mobile App

FREE mobile application for citizens to report issues and receive Live notifications on progress in Real-Time.

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Up-to-date Map View of City Reports

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Real-Time notifications Status Changes

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Gamification based on Engagement

Citizen App Photos
Screens from Admin

City Manager |

Command Center

Web Portal that gives full control over entire process in Real-Time to City Management.

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Geo Located Live Reports Map

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Direct Worker Communication

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Routing Optimizer

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Worker's GPS Tracking

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Workers Management

City Worker |

Mobile App

FREE mobile application to Improve City Workers efficiency, Communication, Trackability, Responsiveness in Real-Time.

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Shift Management

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Optimized Routing

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Task Reassignment

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Direct City Communication

Screens from City Worker app

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How Real-Time
makes a Difference to You ?

How Giooby Works?

Step 1Ilustration of Citizen app taking picture


Citizens report of issues
real-time through

Step 2

Command Center

Reports instantly
directed to City Manager Dashboard

Ilustration of Command Center

Command Center

Progress Reports
and Updates
exchanged in Real-Time

Step 4
Ilustration Command Center

Command Center

City Managers can
geo-track City Workers
in Real-Time

Step 5Ilustration of City Worker App

City Workers

Direct communication
occurs between City
Manager and City Workers

Step 6Ilustration of Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

All parties (City Management & Citizens) are notified that reports
are getting solved





Centralized Public Services


Workers Tasks



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